Simply, Follow Me ™  Ministries, Bible Studies, and so much more
This Site is Dedicated to God, and His One and Only Son, Jesus Christ.  
To share
His Gospel, with the World.  We pray YOU will visit this site often, and
share its' existence with
Everyone YOU know.  "The Gospel", "The Word",
The Holy Bible.  The Lord has put upon Our heart (mind, body, Spirit, very
Soul) to share
His Gospel with All.  To reiterate His Message, to help people to
truly understand what
He expects, from each of Us.  For those who have chosen,
His Free Gift of Salvation, to become "Children of God".  God expects so
much more from each of
YOU, than simply accepting His Free Gift of Salvation,
or following
His Son, Jesus Christ, in Believer's Baptism.  We are to be
"His Light" upon the World.  We are suppose to continue His Work
(Jesus Christ's), just as His Apostles (Disciples) did after His Ascension to
Heaven, to sit at the right-hand of God, Himself.

Through Ministries, Bible Studies, Poetry, and more.  We will strive to Serve
, with God's Guidance, through His Word, after all, God reveals to
each of His Children, An Individual Message, Lesson, Knowledge, Truth,
They may know more about Him, but more importantly, What He expects of

Do YOU have a Personal Relationship, with Jesus Christ?  Have YOU
His Free Gift of Salvation?  Have YOU followed, Jesus Christ's
example, and followed
Him, in Believer's Baptism?  Do YOU Truly Know, If
YOU Should Die Today, Where YOU Would Spend Eternity?  If Not, Would
YOU Like To?  Because, We Can Help YOU With That (Please Click)
So that YOU may join Us, and become One Of The Children of God, and begin
His Light upon the World!
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